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Air Conditioning Division
The air conditioning company known today as Mitsubishi Elecric, was founded in 1955 and quickly established itself at the forefront of the industry. With 50 years experience in developing air conditioning systems, we continue to benefit from the sheer size and diversity of the Mitsubishi group. With building instulation now at its best and electronic equipment  galore in our living and working environments, the need for effective heating and cooling is paramount. Our cost-effective, energy consious systems are expertly designed to provide the consumer with constant, comfortable living and working environments.
Driven by latest technology
At Mitsubishi Electric we strive to continuallyy meet the increasing demands of our customers, being the first in the industry to offer highly advanced 'inverter driven' systems. Using inverter technology our systems produce just the right amount of output to match the exact requirment of any building. These systems work so efficiently that they don't waste valuable energy by over-heating or over-cooling, resulting in greatly reduced running costs. Alternative systems that may appear cheaper, can often cost substancially more to run, making us the most cost effective choice all round.
Protecting the environment
As scientific evidence points to man-made chemicals for the damage caused to the ozone layer, we only use chlorine-free refrigerants that are safe and have 'zero ozone depletion potential'. Accordingly, as our systems require less energy to run, they have significantly lower indirect global warming potential too. In short, our constant investment and produce development enables us to provide the most efficient equipment possible, whilst protecting the environment at the same time.
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