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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems help reduce relative humidity in the air. Controlling air quality also eliminates odours, reduces static electricity and avoids the appearance of dust mites. In short, it means you are breathing healthy air all year round.

Air conditioning is not just content with cooling the air (or heating it, in the case of heat pumps). Thanks to their sophisticated filtration system, air conditioners extract from the atmosphere smoke, pollen and other impurities, which are often the cause of allergies and breathing difficulties.

Thanks to the progress made in the field of acoustic insulation, air conditioner noise levels have considerably decreased (to the same level as that of a Personal Computer). Without forgetting that, in a polluting and noisy environment, with air conditioning the windows can be kept shut.

Air quality also includes the quality of silence.

Heat pump" air conditioners can also deliver heat! The heat pump concept enables cool air to be obtained in summer and warm air when the days are colder.

Heat waves are bad for us. To fight against heat waves, our body mobilises its blood towards the skin. Thus, muscles and the cardio-vascular system are less irrigated, leading to discomfort, tiredness and a marked slowdown in activity, notable in children and the elderly people.

To air condition a 30 mē room costs around $1.82 per day during periods of high temperature*! "Heat pump" air conditioners also produce warm air very economically. Their heat pump system consumes two to three times less energy than an electric convector heater of equivalent capacity.
Reverse Cycle Efficiency vs. Other Systems Air Conditioning Graph
Source - Department of Minerals & Energy
* This high efficiency of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners provides low running costs and a cleaner environment.
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