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Highlight Financial & Green Benefits Of Air Conditioning
Highlight Financial & Green Benefits Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning specialist Mitsubishi Electric has produced two more dedicated brochures to illustrate exactly how the office and retail sectors can comply with new environmental regulations governing energy consumption, whilst still ensuring they provide the most ideal environment in which to work and shop, in the most cost-effective way possible.

“The guides highlight products that can save money and helps make sense of legislation such as the new building regulations covering air quality and energy usage,” explained Ian Parry, Business Development Manager.

This is going to become increasingly important as new building regulations set targets for the reduction of energy consumption, whilst at the same time, air quality legislation demands a better indoor environment for staff.

A pleasant environment helps to ensure both staff and customers remain happy, and in today’s competitive world, matching these requirements in an energy conscious and cost-effective way can seem a daunting task.

A lot of air conditioning systems now qualify under the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme, which allows businesses to deduct 100 per cent of capital expenditure (equipment and installation costs) against taxable profits.

Date : 19-10-2006

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Highlight Financial & Green Benefits Of Air Conditioning
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